Wall Applications

Your civil and commercial wall applications may require strengthening due to change of use projects or upgraded building codes. The HJ3 Civil Wall Strengthening System provide the shear and flexural strengthening you require for your repairs and upgrades. Learn more…

The HJ3 Civil Carbon Fiber System Retrofits The Exterior of This Downtown Brewery
CarbonSeal Industrial Composite Systems

Wall Applications

The CarbonSeal wall strengthening systems are designed to strengthen your concrete and masonry walls as well as the chemical, temperature and abrasion resistance needed in heavy industrial settings. Learn more…

CarbonSeal Systems are Lightweight and Flexible, Conforming to Your Facility Walls and Parapets
StrongHold Residential Composite Systems

Wall Applications

Over time, your residential basement or garage walls may bow or crack. The StrongHold wall strengthening systems provide the strengthening you need to prevent your walls from further movement. Learn more…

 Bowed Garage Wall Repaired with StrongHold Strengthening System
BlastSeal Walls
BlastSeal Protection Systems

Wall Applications

The BlastSeal blast protection systems provide the strength you require for your blast mitigation applications. Learn more…

U.S. Department of Defense Blast Test Before And After Photos


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Steel Pipes

Underground Pipe

Steel Tanks

Underground Tanks






Counter Tops