Water Reservoir Outlet Pipes Repaired with Carbon Fiber

Drinking water is processed in thousands of treatment plants across the United States. Once water has been treated or has gone through the delivery system, it is pumped to reservoirs. Pumping stations can also move water between reservoirs at different locations and elevations.
Service reservoirs store fully treated potable water close to the point of distribution. Often times these can be seen as water towers that are elevated structures constructed in flat areas. Other times, especially in mountainous or hilly regions, these reservoirs are built under ground.
Due to constant exposure to moisture, the pipes and tanks themselves can corrode, resulting in loss of water through leaking and potential infiltration of the potable water.
 Below Ground Service Reservoir


At this particular underground service reservoir in the southwestern United States, three outlet pipes had pitting and leaking, requiring repair. An estimated 5%-10% corrosion throughout the pipes had resulted from exposure to water and oxygen over time. Corrosion was worse in some areas, causing pitting and leaking to the pipes along the edge of the concrete tank. The reservoir required an NSF-61 approved system that was safe for potable water. The reservoir was only out of service for a minimal time, allowing for a small window to complete the repair.
 Corroded and Leaking Outlet Pipe


HJ3’s CarbonSeal Steel Pipe Repair System was selected for the repair. HJ3’s systems have been approved by Underwriters Laboratories per ANSI/ NSF standard 61 for safe use with potable drinking water. The system could also be installed in a short time.
Surface preparation involved abrading the steel flange with an abrasive blast with NSF-61 approved media. The pipes were then patched, primed, wrapped with the CarbonSeal carbon fiber and protected by a chemical resistant top coat.
Blind Flange Wrapped in Carbon Fiber


HJ3’s CarbonSeal system met the NSF-61 requirements and brought three outlet pipes back to their original design strength. The system was installed in one day, meeting the time requirements of the reservoir as well.
For more information on the CarbonSeal steel pipe system or other HJ3 systems approved per NSF-61 standards, please send us an email or call 877-303-0453.
 Completed CarbonSeal Repair

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