Who is HJ3?

Advanced Composites for Infrastructure Repair

HJ3 Composite Technologies provides the most comprehensive line of strengthening products in the world for fortifying and protecting structures against earthquakes, blasts, and environmental damage, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

On Today in America hosted by Terry Bradshaw, Bradshaw explains HJ3’s dedication to providing carbon fiber-based repair alternatives, as a cost-effective solution to extend the life of the US failing infrastructure.


Who Says You Can’t Have Fun While Strengthening The World?

The Discovery Channel’s Smash Lab chose to put HJ3’s products to the test. Watch as they wrap this trailer with HJ3 carbon fiber and test its strength against category 5 hurricane force winds!

We are on a mission

To set the worldwide standard for global infrastructure repair using high-strength composites, through continuous innovation and unwavering customer service, to prevent the loss of lives and resources.

Our on-going dream is to save our clients $100 Billion dollars. Now how fun is that?