For more than a decade, HJ3 has supported thousands of homeowners, city/state/and federal governments, and Fortune 500 companies worldwide.  Like you, these clients required Proven Products supported by Stamped Engineering and over 25 Years of Large Scale Testing.  In fact, HJ3’s superior products and services have caused them to attract well over 10,000 applications worldwide with an impressive client list such as British Petroleum, Shell, Valero, Conoco Phillips, Tesoro, Freeport-McMoRan, Asarco, and Georgia Pacific to name a few.In this testimonial, a licensed P.E. from an environmental engineering consulting firm explains why they chose to work with HJ3 to fix an underground chemical processing tank.

HJ3′s structural strengthening systems have been tested and approved by accredited agencies and organizations, worldwide. Additionally, each system has been designed in accordance with industry-accepted standards.