Overpass & Bridge Reinforcement

The structural building and upkeep of our bridges and overpasses is a vital component to safety, efficiency, and even affects our environment. When a bridge or overpass ages, parts of the structure can corrode, spall, and become structurally deficient. HJ3’s Civil Composite systems are designed to reinforce the elements that construct bridges and overpasses, such as beams, columns, walls, slabs and pilings.

HJ3 Uses The Highest Quality Materials

Engineered to greatly strengthen the integrity of rectangular and round support columns, HJ3 Civil Composite systems are the perfect solution to reinforce bridge and highway overpass support columns.

Bridge & Overpass Projects

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 Overpass Supporting Columns Wrapped with HJ3’s FRP System


Which Bridge and Overpass Applications Do You Need Strengthened or Repaired?

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