Reason For Marine Dock Repair

Marine docks at commercial piers can corrode and degrade over time due to exposure to marine air and moisture, or even organisms who like to eat submerged wood pilings. When these pilings corrode, they lose strength and threaten the structural integrity of the marine docks they support. The docks themselves are often constructed with beams, columns or concrete slabs, which may corrode under the same conditions.

The Most Durable Dock Piling Reinforcement

The HJ3 Civil™ piling repair systems are designed to strengthen your commercial marine docks and protect them against their environment. Rather than risk collapse or potential injuries, it is highly recommended to keep your commercial dock pilings in a stable state with reliable marine dock repair.


Marine Dock Projects

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Corroded Commercial Marine Pilings


Which Marine Dock Applications Do You Need Strengthened or Repaired?

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