A Process Vapor Line at This Oil Refinery is Repaired and Reinforced with Carbon Fiber
Copper Mine Water Storage Tank Repaired with the CarbonSeal Steel Tank System

Industrial Market

The Spending Gap

The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gave the U.S. infrastructure a report card rating of ‘D’ in their 2009 evaluation.*  The estimated cost to repair the U.S. crude oil and gas pipelines alone is estimated to be $500 Billion – growing at $1 Billion a week. Much of the American infrastructure is approaching or past its expected life but is still in use, because there is a spending gap in the money required to repair or replace these structures, and the money that is allocated.

Cost of Corrosion – 6% of GDP**

US Spending on Infrastructure – 2.4% of GDP


What if You Could Repair Your Industrial Infrastructure at a Fraction of the Cost of Replacement?

You can. HJ3’s CarbonSeal™ product line includes systems that have been engineered specifically to strengthen and repair common applications found within heavy industry, often saving our clients between 80%-90% on their industrial applications compared with replacement. Click on the below links to learn more about HJ3’s work in these industries:

Petrochemical and Gas Industry

Water and Wastewater Industry

Pulp and Paper Industry

Power Generation Industry

Mining Industry

Food and Agriculture Industry


*”2009 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure” – American Society of Civil Engineers
**”Corrosion Costs and Preventative Strategies in the Unites States” – U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration – March, 2002