Grain Silo & Spout Repair

Plants in the food and agriculture industry experience wear from grain and other rough substances moving through spouts, storage bins and hoppers, often at high speeds. This constant movement can deteriorate steel and concrete substrates, creating pits where grain can get caught or through holes where grain may leak out or where moisture or other undesirable elements may enter. Often times, protective ceramic liners are used as preventative measures for lining spouts or silos.

The CarbonSeal™ industrial composite systems are designed for your tough grain applications. In addition to providing structural reinforcement to your silos, pipes, floor and roof slabs, and other infrastructure, the systems provide abrasion and chemical resistance to harsh grain and harsh chemicals.


The CarbonSeal Systems Provide Structural Strengthening of Your Infrastructure
Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Coatings Protect Your Spouts, Silos and Other Infrastructure Grain May Cross

Prevent Exposure Or Loss of Product With Effective Grain Silo Repair

It is not uncommon for food processing plants to incur silo or spout damage due to consistent, fast moving grains which then require replacement or repairs. Once cracks or holes start showing up there is a great possibility of outside exposure or loss of product and should be fixed immediately. The most effective way to resolve the issue is with HJ3’s protective coating repairs which are much more durable and provide more structural support than any other product. Durable concrete grain silo repair is imperative to prevent product damage which can result in company losses.

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