Mining Industry

Mines and mineral processing plants have different operational characteristics depending on the materials handled. What they have in common is corrosion, abrasion and erosion from various stages of processing and exposure to harsh chemicals and substances.  Steel pipes, steel tanks, and concrete infrastructure including beams, columns, slabs, walls, pedestals are all subject to these harsh substances, and degrade over time. This degradation is especially frequent within mining concentrators, smelters and refineries.

The CarbonSeal™ industrial composite systems provide structural strengthening as well as chemical, abrasion, temperature and fire resistance for mining applications.


The Mining Industry Deals With Corrosive Substances That Can Damage Your Steel and Concrete Infrastructure
Hundreds of Corroded Columns in This Copper Mine Were Completely Reinforced with Carbon Fiber

To Prevent Corrosion, Mining Infrastructure Should Be Repaired Properly

There are a wide range of substances that can cause corrosion and structural decay in the mining industry and should be handled appropriately by a professional mining infrastructure repair company. With our proven methods for infrastructure repair we can create a safer environment, a more structurally sound infrastructure and prevent corrosion from further damaging the mine.  With long lasting protection there will be fewer repairs, replacements or structure damages saving money and time.

Mining Industry Projects

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Which Mine Applications Do You Need Strengthened or Repaired?

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