Power Plant Structure Repair

Power generation comes from a variety of sources, with a majority coming from nuclear power, coal-fired power, hydroelectric and natural gas. Reactors have thousands of parts—valves, pumps, steel pipes, underground pipes, tanks, turbines, and concrete infrastructure including beams, columns, slabs, walls, pedestals and chimney stacks. Radiation, ammonia, ammonium salts, sulfur oxides, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, and other chemicals can undermine these components, so inspectors have to routinely measure the thickness of their walls and check for signs of corrosion or cracks in order to ensure that the barriers remain leak-proof.

The CarbonSeal™ systems provide structural strengthening as well as chemical, abrasion, temperature and fire resistance for power generation applications.


HJ3’s CarbonSeal Industrial Repair Systems Are Used to Fix Corroded Steel Circulating Pipe
As Well as Provide Structural Strengthening to Underground Pipes

Maintaining A Sound Structure Is Important For Safety In Power Plants

There are many reasons for deterioration in a power plant which can cause an unstable environment. In most cases when there is structural damage, most power plants will replace the damaged part. Instead, for a much lower cost, we can fortify and strengthen the damaged structures keeping them solid for longer and preventing costly replacements. HJ3 provides the best solutions for power plant structure repair with proven results.

Power Generation Industry Projects

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Which Power Gen Applications Do You Need Strengthened or Repaired?

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