Water & Sewer Structures

The water and wastewater industry is comprised of systems that treat, distribute, collect and clean water. These systems include treatment facilities as well as transmission lines that utilize PCCP and other underground pipes, concrete or masonry manholes, steel tanks, underground tankspedestals, and other steel and concrete infrastructure. Both clean and contaminated water can cause corrosion.

Long Lasting Industrial Sewer Repair

Given the large network of sewer and waterways, there are almost always places of weakness where pipeline or structures need to be replaced. Rather than replacement, industrial sewer maintenance can provide structural support and long lasting preventative resistance to erosion. Repairs are also just a fraction of the cost in comparison to full replacement, thus saving you thousands.

Aggressive Environments Within the Wastewater Industry Can Cause Your Infrastructure to Corrode and Degrade
The CarbonSeal Systems Strengthen Concrete and Masonry Manholes and Protect Them From Harmful Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Exposure

Proven Repair Solution

The CarbonSeal™ industrial composite systems are designed to provide both structural strengthening to your water and wastewater applications, and protect them from corrosion, chemicals and abrasion. This will deter erosion and allow for fewer replacements and industrial sewer repairs in the future.

Water and Wastewater Industry Projects

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Which Water or Wastewater Applications Do You Need Strengthened or Repaired?

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Underground Pipes

Steel Tanks

Steel Tanks

Underground Tanks

Underground Tanks