Bowed Basement Wall Repaired with StrongHold Carbon Fiber
Basement Floor Crack is Stitched with StrongHold Carbon Laminate Strip

Residential Market

The Spending Gap

A home must have a solid foundation in order to be structurally stable. Homeowners may not know the severity of a small crack or a bowing wall until it has grown into a larger problem that is very expensive to fix. Many U.S. homes have reported foundation issues, but only a fraction of homeowners are addressing these issues because there is a spending gap in the money required to repair or replace these structures, and the money a homeowner has to spend.

Number of U.S. Homes with Crumbling or Cracked Foundations – 2.8 Million*

Estimated Cost to Repair Crumbling or Cracked Foundations – $16.9 Billion**

Estimated Spending on Home Repair Each Year – $1 Billion***


What if You Could Repair Your Residential Foundation at a Fraction of the Cost of Replacement?

You can. HJ3’s StrongHold™ product line includes systems that have been engineered specifically to strengthen and repair common applications found within residential homes, often saving our clients between 50% and 70% compared with traditional steel repair methods or replacement. Click on the below links to learn more about HJ3’s work in these industries:




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