Basement Foundation Repair

Residential basements are typically found partially or completely below ground level. Depending on the geographic location of the home, its foundation may need to be below the frost line. This below-grade placement prevents a home from shifting during freeze-thaw cycles. Because they are underground, basements and crawlspaces are often subject to external forces from surrounding soil or plants, and moisture. Water may leak in from the outside or from pipes within walls. Basement walls may then bow or crack, causing additional moisture to enter and potentially lead to mold.

The StrongHold™ residential composite systems are designed to strengthen your residential basement walls and slabs against these forces and protect them from moisture and further movement.

The StrongHold System is Used to Prevent Bowed Walls from Further Movement, and to Confine Cracks
StrongHold Systems Can Also Be Used for Your Basement or Crawl Space Bowed and Cracked Ceilings

Prevent Further Damage To Your Home With Quality Foundation Repair

If your basement foundation walls are starting to bend or crack, you may experience additional damage to your home if the problem is not corrected quickly.  If you’re not too fond of throwing your life savings away to have your basement rebuilt then you will want to consider having it repaired for a fraction of the cost and preventing further damage to your home. When you need the job done right, HJ3 is most experienced basement foundation repair company in the nation and will make sure your basement foundation is structurally sound for years to come. Don’t throw away money rebuilding your basement, contact HJ3 for affordable basement foundation repair services.


Basement Projects

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Which Basement Applications Do You Need Strengthened or Repaired?

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