Garage Wall Repair

A garage typically resides on the first level of a residential home, or beside the house. Constant opening and closing of garage doors, external soil pressures, shifts in foundation or soil saturation can cause your garage walls or floor slabs to crack, bow or leak.

The StrongHold™ residential composite systems are designed to strengthen your garage walls and slabs against these forces and protect them from moisture and further movement.

The StrongHold System is Used to Prevent Bowed Walls from Further Movement, and to Confine Cracks
Your Garage Floor Cracks Are Easily Stitched with StrongHold Carbon Laminate Strips

Long Lasting Garage Wall Repair, Protection & Strengthening

Cracked or bowed garage walls can cause expensive damages to your home if they’re not fixed. Many people put off repairing their garage walls due to the assumption that they can’t afford it. HJ3 offers a more affordable solution to repair your garage walls and concrete cracks. Rather than spend a fortune trying to rebuild or replace your garage, we can give it long lasting structural support and strengthening with our garage wall repair services. Save money and prevent further structural damage to your home with our long lasting garage wall repair services.



Garage Projects

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Which Garage Applications Do You Need Strengthened or Repaired?

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