CarbonSeal Industrial Composite Systems


Silos are used for the storage of bulk materials. These materials are often a powder, grain or silage. These bulk materials are extremely abrasive to the lining of the silo and its chutes, and can wear away at the substrate over time. The CarbonSeal silo repair and strengthening systems not only restore the structural integrity of the silo, but also protect it from future abrasion and corrosion.

The CarbonSeal System Strengthens Your Silo to Withstand the Compression and Static Pressure Grain Places on the Silo or Grain Elevator
Abrasion Resistant Silo Patch
CarbonSeal’s AR-111 Coating Provides Significantly Higher Chemical and Abrasion Resistance Compared to Traditional Ceramic Coatings and Plates, With No Added Weight

Types of Strengthening

  • Increased Flexural Strengthening
  • Increased Shear Strengthening
  • Increased Crack Confinement
  • Increased Abrasion Resistance
  • Increased Durability

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Types of Substrates

  • Reinforced Concrete Silos
  • Steel Silos

Silo Projects

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The Cornice of a Grain Elevator is Exposed to Oxygen and Moisture That Can Cause Corrosion. The CarbonSeal Silo Repair System Repairs and Strengthens Your Silos to Their Original Design Capacity
AR-111 is Also Used to Line Spouts and Hoppers, Protecting Them Against Chemicals and Abrasion


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