CarbonSeal Industrial Composite Systems


In industrial facilities, slabs may lose load-bearing capacity over time due to exposure to vibrations, moisture, and harsh chemicals that can corrode the internal reinforcing steel bar. The CarbonSeal Slab Strengthening Systems not only strengthen your floor or ceiling slabs, but will protect them from aggressive environments.

2-Way Slab Repair with Carbon Fiber
The CarbonSeal Systems Work To Reinforce One-Way and Two-Way Slabs
The CarbonSeal Slab Strengthening System Provides Increased Flexural Strengthening, Shear Strengthening, Ductility, and Extreme Durability in Harsh Environments

Types of Strengthening

  • Increased Flexural Strength 1-Way Slab
  • Increased Flexural Strength 2-Way Slab
  • Increased Shear Strengthening
  • Increased Crack Confinement
  • Increased Stiffness
  • Increased Durability

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Types of Substrates

  • Reinforced Concrete Slabs
  • Steel Roofing Systems
  • Gypsum Roofing Systems
  • Reinforced Concrete Floors
  • Secondary Containment Areas


Slab Projects

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CarbonSeal Slab Repair Systems Are Designed for Floor Slabs, Ceiling Slabs and Secondary Containment Areas
CarbonSeal Systems are Supported by 20,000 Hours of Successful Durability Testing With Acids, Alkalis and Solvents


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Steel Pipes

Underground Pipe

Steel Tanks

Underground Tanks