CarbonSeal Underground Tanks
CarbonSeal Industrial Composite Systems

Underground Tanks

Underground, or below-grade storage tanks are often designed to contain hazardous substances that are extremely corrosive. The CarbonSeal system both strengthens and protects your underground tanks against corrosive substances, high temperatures, and compressive forces.

Chemical Corrosion Can Weaken Your Underground Tank, Threatening its Ability To Withstand External Pressures From the Outside Soil
The CarbonSeal Underground Tank Repair System is Lightweight and Provides Significant Strengthening to Your Tank Compared With Geo-Textiles and Flexible Coatings That Fatigue, Corrode and Crack Over Time

Types of Strengthening

  • Increased Hoop Strengthening
  • Increased Shear Strengthening
  • Increased Crack Confinement
  • Leak Sealing to Withstand Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Increased Durability
  • Increased Flexural Strengthening (Out-of-Plane)
  • Increased Shear Strengthening (In-Plane)
  • Secondary Containment

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Protective Coatings

The CarbonSeal products include protective coatings that resist harsh chemicals, agitated water molecules, high temperatures, and abrasion.  These systems can be used with the fiberglass, basalt and carbon fiber systems to strengthen the tank and provide a permeation resistant liner.

Underground Tank Projects

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The CarbonSeal Systems Are Resistant to Chemicals, Abrasion and High Temperatures
The Underground Tank System Provides Increased Hoop and Shear Strengthening, Leak Sealing to Withstand Hydrostatic Pressure, And Extreme Durabilty


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