Due to exposure to alkaline soils, moisture and oxygen, your commercial pilings may corrode and lose their strength quickly, especially at the splash and tidal zones if your pilings are in water. The HJ3 Civil piling systems are engineered to strengthen your piles as an alternative to replacement or corrosive steel alternatives, while also shielding them from aggressive environments.

The HJ3 Civil Pile Repair Systems Are Engineered to Reinforce Submerged and Non-Submerged Marine Pilings
Water-Activated Systems Allow for Quick Installation

Type of Strengthening

  • Increased Flexural Strengthening
  • Increased Shear Strengthening
  • Increased Crack Confinement
  • Increased Durability

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  • Reinforced Concrete Piles
  • Reinforced Wood Timber Piles

Piling Projects

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