HJ3’s composite systems were the first to wrap a commercial high-rise building
 The flexible fabric easily conforms to parapets and corners
 Wall can be strengthened for flexural, shear, seismic and other code requirements
 HJ3’s translucent glass system is frequently used for historical retrofits

HJ3 Civil™ Wall Strengthening Systems

Commercial buildings are designed with load-bearing and non-load-bearing walls, which can lose load capacity after time and exposure to temperature and humidity variations, dynamic loads such as vibrations or wind, or transverse loads such as external soil pressure. They may also require strengthening due to change of use projects or upgraded building codes. The HJ3 Civil Wall Strengthening Systems provide the shear and flexural strengthening you require for your repairs and upgrades.

Types of Strengthening

  • Increased Flexural Strengthening (Out-of-Plane)
  • Increased Shear Strengthening (In-Plane)
  • Increased Ductility
  • Increased Crack Confinement & Leak Sealing
  • Increased Explosion Resistance (Control Rooms)
  • Secondary Containment
  • Increased Durability

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Types of Substrates

  • Reinforced Concrete Walls
  • Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Walls
  • Un-reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Walls
  • Un-reinforced Clay Tile Walls
  • Un-reinforced Clay Brick Masonry Walls
  • Ceramic Tiled Tanks


Wall Projects

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