The StrongHold™ products were designed for your residential applications. The StrongHold product offering includes:

DIY Basement Repair

Do-it-Yourself basement wall and floor repair has never been so easy. Just watch this homeowner as he takes you through a wall crack repair.



Why Do Walls and Floors Bow and Crack?

  • External loads from driveways and patios near basement walls
  • Tree roots pushing up against your basement wall
  • Excess water from clogged gutters or plumbing leaks that can saturate the soil
  • Soil saturation from sloping lawns


Do It Yourself, Or We’ll Connect You With A Certified Installer

HJ3’s StrongHold Repair Systems can be installed by you, the homeowner, or by one of HJ3’s certified installers in your area.

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Why Walls and Floors Bow and Crack


Which Application Do You Need Repaired or Strengthened?


 Bowed Walls

Cracked and Leaking Walls

SlabsFloor or Ceiling Cracks