StrongHold Residential Composite Systems

Why Walls Bow…

  • External loads from driveways and patios near basement walls
  • Tree roots pushing up against your basement wall
  • Excess water from clogged gutters or plumbing leaks that can saturate the soil
  • Soil saturation from sloping lawns

Superior Bowed Wall Repair Solutions For Any Wall

If your walls have started to bow, extensive damage may be imminent. Bowed walls may lead to foundation and structural damage to your home and should be corrected immediately. You may be concerned about the cost of repairs associated with bowed wall repair services. Fortunately, HJ3 offers affordable bowed wall repair that will fit your budget. With our innovative bowed wall repair, you can prevent any additional damage to your home while ensuring long lasting structural support and preventing any additional bowing of your walls.


What type of wall do you have?

No matter what type of wall you need strengthening, the StrongHold system has you covered:

  • Reinforced Concrete Walls
  • Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Walls
  • Un-reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Walls
  • Un-reinforced Clay Tile Walls
  • Un-reinforced Clay Brick Masonry Walls
 The StrongHold Wall Repair Systems Can Be Installed on Concrete and Masonry Walls
  The StrongHold Bowing Wall Fabric Kit Comes Pre-Measured and Pre-Batched for Quick Installation


Bowing Wall Repair Kits

The StrongHold Bowing Wall Kits are sold as either fabric or laminate systems, depending on your situation.

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Stop Bowing Walls and Cracks in Their Tracks – Permanently!


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