StrongHold Residential Composite Systems

Why Floors Crack…

  • Soil movement causes floors to crack, settle and heave
  • Tree roots pushing up underneath your basement floor
  • Excess water from clogged gutters or plumbing leaks that can saturate the soil
  • Soil saturation from sloping lawn


Durable & Aesthetically Pleasing Concrete Floor Crack Repair That Works

Cracks in your concrete flooring not only look bad but can also lower the value of your home and can lead to foundation problems. Cracked concrete floor repair is now affordable and should be considered for any floor or ceiling in your home. With our top-of-the-line repair methods, we can not only repair the cracks in your concrete flooring but also prevent future damages by strengthening the area against tension that caused the cracks in the first place. Our floor crack repair is a long lasting solution, it’s durable, will look great afterwards and is still very affordable. Repairing the cracks in your floor will bring up your home value while also making your home look much better.


What type of floor crack do you have?

No matter what type of crack pattern you have, the StrongHold system has you covered:

  • Mid-Floor Settling
  • Corner Settling
  • Wall Settling
The StrongHold Floor Stitch Repair System is Designed For Your Mid-Floor, Corner and Wall Settling Floor Crack Patterns, and More
The StrongHold Floor Stitch Kit Comes Pre-Measured and Pre-Batched for Quick Installation


StrongHold Floor and Ceiling Repair Kits

The StrongHold floor stitching and ceiling slab  Repair Kits are designed to confine cracks and strengthen your floor and ceiling slabs to their original design capacity.

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The StrongHold Carbon Fiber Floor Grid Will Strengthen Newly Poured Concrete and Prevent it From Moving and Cracking
The StrongHold System Can Also Repair Ceiling Slabs, Such as This Bowed Crawl Space Ceiling

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Bowed Walls

Cracked and Leaking Walls

SlabsFloor or Ceiling Cracks