StrongHold Residential Composite Systems

Why Walls Crack…

  • Settlement and soil pressure create cracks and displacement
  • Tree roots or driveways pushing up against your basement wall
  • Excess water from clogged gutters or plumbing leaks that can saturate the soil
  • Cracks create paths for moisture, which could cause water damage and mold


Affordable Concrete, Brick & Block Wall Repair Services

 Rather than spending thousands on full wall or foundation replacement, cracked wall repair service costs a fraction of the amount. If your walls have started to crack then it should be repaired immediately as cracks can spread and cause additional damage to your home as well as foundation and structural damage. At HJ3 we offer affordable cracked wall repair which will prevent additional damage while reinforcing your home’s infrastructure. Not only is our cracked wall repair service affordable but our innovative solutions provide long lasting protection and strengthen the structure of your home.


What type of wall do you have?

No matter what type of wall you need strengthening, the StrongHold system has you covered:

  • Reinforced Concrete Walls
  • Reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Walls
  • Un-reinforced Concrete Block Masonry Walls
  • Un-reinforced Clay Tile Walls
  • Un-reinforced Clay Brick Masonry Walls
Wall Cracks May Take Different Shapes Such As a Step Down Crack Pattern, Depending on The Pressure Source
The StrongHold Crack Repair Kit Comes Pre-Measured and Pre-Batched for Quick Installation


StrongHold™ Crack Repair Kits

The StrongHold Crack Repair Kits are pre-measured and pre-batched for easy installation.

Do it Yourself, or We’ll Connect You with an HJ3 Certified Installer.


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Corner Cracks May Also Be Confined with the StrongHold Crack Repair System…
As are Cracks Underneath and Above Windows

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Bowed Walls

Cracked and Leaking Walls

SlabsFloor or Ceiling Cracks