These projects have been organized for you to review and locate applications similar to your strengthening needs.

Title Application Language Product Line Summary
Bridge with 93 piles and 2 trusses in need of repair Bridge Pile & Truss Repair Pile & Truss  English  HJ3 Civil In a recent project, HJ3 repaired and strengthened a bridge that had 93 concrete piles and 2 reinforced trusses in need of repair and strengthening. HJ3’s patented products were used to repair and strengthen the piles 10 feet above and 5 feet below the waterline.
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Corroded and Spalling Concrete Bridge Columns D.O.T Bridge Rehabilitation  Column  English  HJ3 Civil  After many years in service, these reinforced supporting columns were severely corroded, requiring repair and reinforcement. HJ3’s strengthening system increased their strength by more than 200%.


Parking Garage Column Restoration  Column  English  HJ3 Civil Parking garages are subjected to regular vibrations from vehicles and people passing through. Over time, these vibrations cause tiny cracks in the garage’s concrete supports. Freeze-thaw cycles, as well as moisture and oxygen penetrating the concrete…


Water Reservoir Outlet Pipes  Pipe  English HJ3 Civil Drinking water is processed in thousands of treatment plants across the United States. Once water has been treated or has gone through the delivery system, it is pumped to reservoirs.


This July 31, 2008 photo show the Hesburgh Library on the campus of Notre Dame University in Notre Dame, Indiana. The library is adorned with the mosaic "The Word of Life", which depicts Christ the teacher surrounded by saints and scholars. The mosaic is also referred to a "Touchdon Jesus", because it happens to align with end zone of Notre Dame's football stadium and it appears that Jesus is signaling touchdown. AFP PHOTO/Karen BLEIER (Photo credit should read KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

(Photo credit: KAREN BLEIER/AFP/Getty Images)

Touchdown Jesus Reinforced with HJ3 Carbon Fiber Walls  English  HJ3 Civil Notre Dame’s Theodore Hesburgh Library is home to the famous Touchdown Jesus mural, visible from the Notre Dame football stadium. The library originally opened in 1963 and was constructed from concrete block.