HJ3 proudly offers turnkey engineering services and exceptional project management for each of your repair and strengthening applications. For smaller repairs HJ3 offer pre-engineered product kits that include sizing guides to help you select the appropriate system and material required to complete your repair. For larger projects, HJ3 offers a clearly defined 6-step engineering process to optimize your repair system and minimize costs associated with excess material and labor.

Step 1: Gather Information

Send us your  (1) “As-Built” drawings, (2) a completed HJ3 Application Worksheet, and pictures of your application.

Click here to request an application worksheet

Step 2: Kick-Off Meeting – Scope of Work

Next HJ3 Project Managers contact you to review the information and define a Scope of Work.

Step 3: Prelim Design

HJ3 Engineers then calculate a preliminary design and proposal for your consideration and approval.

Step 4: Stamped Drawings

Once HJ3 receives notice to proceed, HJ3 engineers finalize the design calculations and drawings stamped by a Professional Engineer in your location.

Step 5: Installation

HJ3′s Field Technician and Certified Installer then meet with you on-site to perform the installation of HJ3’s products.  Services may include testing and quality control logs.

Step 6: Touchdown Meeting

HJ3 meets with you to obtain your feedback and answer any remaining questions you may have regarding the repair. Upon request, HJ3 Project Managers submit a final project report documenting the installation.