Leaking concrete tank at chemical processing plant.

A detail of one area of the underground tank showing concrete degradation.
HJ3 team applying CarbonSeal carbon fabric to the prepared underground concrete tank wall.
HJ3 team member applying a chemically resistant topcoat over the carbon fiber installation.

Problem vs solution:

  • Soil displacement beneath a 57,000-gallon underground tank caused leakage.
  • The Dept. of Environmental Quality (DEQ) required structural repair for the tank.
  • The tank held harsh chemicals and waste from various lab departments.
  • The repair prevented an 18-month permitting process with the DEQ.
  • The tank passed all inspections since its repair.
  • CarbonSeal™ repaired the tank, saving $500,000 versus replacement.
Image of Carrie Cote underground tank repair testimonial
"HJ3 carbon system had the data available. They also had case histories..."
"The reason why we used carbon fiber systems for lining the underground tank was that the HJ3 carbon system had the data available. They also had case histories that demonstrated that the product itself would withstand the extreme chemical conditions, the temperature conditions, and the turbulence, in addition to strengthening the concrete tank itself."
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