Steel tank corrosion protection using CarbonSeal™.

nitrogen tank with severe corrosion
HJ3 repairing the nitrogen tank with CarbonSeal carbon fiber
The repaired tank prior to topcoat application

Problem vs solution:

  • This steel tank T-932, contains 57% concentrated nitric oxide. Spilling occurred that exposed the exterior of the tank to the 57% solution of nitric oxide.
  • Severe corrosion of the shell-to-floor weld and associated heat affected zone (HAZ) was observed in two distinct areas.  Both areas were found to be approximately 1-inch wide.  The largest area was 36-inches long and the smallest area was 10-inches long.  
  • HJ3’s CarbonSeal™ industrial composite system patched the 1-inch x 10-inch and 1-inch x 36-inch defect areas and returned them to their original steel strength, bringing the tank back within API-653 allowable corrosion allowance. 
  • The repair also mitigates future corrosion in this area as the CFRP patches protect from future nitric oxide spills.
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