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1 in 10 Bridges

Artwork by: Marcia Broderick – Written by: Elizabeth Rosenberg   © Copyright HJ3 Composite Technologies

Oil & Gas Pipelines

The U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Network Spans Over 2.6 Million Miles – The Network’s Pipelines Include:
Over 1,500,000 miles of natural gas transmission and distribution 151,423 miles of crude oil and product

California and Arizona Bridges

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction center, this year’s El Nino event is “significant and strengthening,…

Carbon Fiber Recycling

By Elizabeth Rosenberg Senator Cantwell of Washington recently proposed the Carbon Fiber Recycling Act of 2015, a bill calling for further development of carbon fiber recycling. The bill requests that U.S. Department of Energy study the technology, lifecycle, and economic impact of recycled carbon fiber, while working with automotive and aviation industries in developing a…

Double Check Ranch Testimonial

Cattle rancher Paul Schwennesen from the Double Check Ranch in Arizona, talks about his use of QuickSeal to repair irrigation pipe in-place. [jwplayer mediaid=”6599″]

HJ3 Featured on Today in America

HJ3 Composite Technologies is featured on Fox Business’ Today in America hosted by Terry Bradshaw. Terry discusses HJ3’s carbon fiber applications and how they are playing an important part in repairing America’s failing infrastructure. The benefits and uses of HJ3’s carbon fiber are discussed. [jwplayer mediaid=”6572″] View video on YouTube  

U.S. Department of Defense HJ3 Blast Test

The United States Department of Defense tested HJ3-backed technology to wrap a structure in carbon fiber and test it’s strength against a violent explosion. HJ3 conducted testing to demonstrate the performance of the BlastSeal™ System. Two un-reinforced concrete masonry walls were constructed within a larger containment structure. BlastSeal™ was applied to the interior and exterior of the…

HJ3 Testimonial – Commercial Building Reinforcement

Commercial high rise buildings began using Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC) panels as façades in the early 1970’s. These panels are thin and lightweight compared to traditional pre-cast concrete panels, which decreases superimposed loads on the building. The GFRC facade panels were constructed with a long span that flexed significantly under wind loads causing severe…

Water Infrastructure Crisis

In 2014 a thirty-inch water main broke flooding the UCLA campus and nearby streets with about 20 million gallons of drinking water. Photo Credit: Danny Moloshok/Reuters   In 2013 the American Society of Civil Engineers gave America a grade of D for our drinking water infrastructure. Much our water infrastructure is reaching the end of its serviceable…

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