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Concrete and steel repairs at salt mining facility.

Mining facility concrete and steel repairs. Over 60 years of salt mining had deteriorated this facility which required concrete and steel repairs. Walls, columns, beams and secondary members had significant efflorescence, spalling, steel loss and structural degradation.   The facility, located near Lake Huron, is susceptible to severe lake storms creating excessive moisture and extreme cold. The salt production…

Industrial Asset Life Cycle Infographic

Much of our nation’s infrastructure is at the end, or past its serviceable life. HJ3’s carbon fiber technologies have advantages that go beyond cost savings and asset life extension. The environmental savings are huge. This infographics details some of the positive impact carbon fiber solutions provide.

Oil & Gas Pipelines

The U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Network Spans Over 2.6 Million Miles – The Network’s Pipelines Include:
Over 1,500,000 miles of natural gas transmission and distribution 151,423 miles of crude oil and product

California and Arizona Bridges

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction center, this year’s El Nino event is “significant and strengthening,…

Carbon Fiber Recycling

By Elizabeth Rosenberg Senator Cantwell of Washington recently proposed the Carbon Fiber Recycling Act of 2015, a bill calling for further development of carbon fiber recycling. The bill requests that U.S. Department of Energy study the technology, lifecycle, and economic impact of recycled carbon fiber, while working with automotive and aviation industries in developing a…

Copper Mine Beam and Slab Repair

Carbon Fiber Beam and Slab Repair Problem Copper mining facilities often degrade faster than other facilities due to their constant exposure to vibrations, moisture, and chemicals. The concrete beams and ceiling slabs at the concentrator building in this century-old copper plant were severely degraded as a result of these vibrations and exposure to chemicals. The…

Carbon Fiber Magazine Bunker Repair

Earth Covered Magazine (ECM) structures are built to safely store ammunition and explosives, and are frequently used by the Department of Defense and the US military. While they are not designed to resist the damaging effects from an accidental explosion, a structurally sound ECM can effectively limit these effects in an explosion caused by small…

Prevent Mining Disasters with Carbon Fiber

Mining is one of the most dangerous occupations there is. Every year, hundreds of miners die in accidents from collapses, explosions, and fires. The good news is that mining accidents and the deaths associated with them have declined drastically in the past 40 years, and even more so in the past 100+ years. The bad…

Gas Pipeline Explosions a Result of Aged Pipes

Gas Pipeline explosions in the United States have occurred at an alarming rate, especially in the past 10 years. Every other day, a gas leak destroys property, injures several people, and sometimes kills others. The decade’s most catastrophic explosions have claimed more than 135 lives, injuring 600 others and racking up a $2 billion bill from damages. The main…

Wyoming Oil Spill a Result of Corrosion

Corrosion has been blamed for an oil spill that occurred in Wyoming this past May.  A backhoe initially nicked a 6-inch underground pipeline, which, over time, resulted in corrosion until the pipeline eventually ruptured.  Reports indicate that it’s unclear just how much time passed between initial backhoe damage and when the spill actually took place….

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