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Concrete and steel repairs at salt mining facility.

Mining facility concrete and steel repairs. Over 60 years of salt mining had deteriorated this facility which required concrete and steel repairs. Walls, columns, beams and secondary members had significant efflorescence, spalling, steel loss and structural degradation.   The facility, located near Lake Huron, is susceptible to severe lake storms creating excessive moisture and extreme cold. The salt production…

Bridge Pile and Truss Repair

For this bridge and pile repair project, HJ3 repaired and strengthened a bridge that had 93 concrete piles and 2 reinforced trusses in need of repair and strengthening. HJ3’s patented products were used to repair and strengthen the piles 10 feet above and 5 feet below the waterline. Watch the video on our Facebook site  …

This week is Infrastructure Week!

60+ events nationwide. 150 organizations. 7 days to tell America why – and how – ‪#‎InfrastructureMatters‬. Read More at: Can’t attend? Watch the webcast:…/webcast-infrastructure-week-201… Calendar of Events for Infrastructure Week: HJ3 would like to kick off the week by talking about Green Infrastructure: Green infrastructure is an approach to water management:

Industrial Asset Life Cycle Infographic

Much of our nation’s infrastructure is at the end, or past its serviceable life. HJ3’s carbon fiber technologies have advantages that go beyond cost savings and asset life extension. The environmental savings are huge. This infographics details some of the positive impact carbon fiber solutions provide.

160,000 miles of track, 76,000 rail bridges and 800 tunnels…

U.S. ranks well behind many other countries in overall infrastructure quality in 2014-2015, coming in at 16th. By 2020 the transportation infrastructure investment gap will be -$1 trillion. Investing in rail expansion would have many long-term benefits both financial and ecological. It is estimated that traffic congestion caused U.S. drivers to waste around 3 billion gallons of…

The State of Dams in the US

Written by: Elizabeth Rosenberg There are 87,359 Dams in the US. Their average age is over 53. Many are in need of repair and are considered to pose a high or significant hazard potential. Many communities are located downstream of dams.

HJ3’s StrongHold & B-Dry Featured in Home Free

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1 in 10 Bridges

Artwork by: Marcia Broderick – Written by: Elizabeth Rosenberg   © Copyright HJ3 Composite Technologies

Oil & Gas Pipelines

The U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Network Spans Over 2.6 Million Miles – The Network’s Pipelines Include:
Over 1,500,000 miles of natural gas transmission and distribution 151,423 miles of crude oil and product

California and Arizona Bridges

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction center, this year’s El Nino event is “significant and strengthening,…

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