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Concrete and steel repairs at salt mining facility.

Mining facility concrete and steel repairs. Over 60 years of salt mining had deteriorated this facility which required concrete and steel repairs. Walls, columns, beams and secondary members had significant efflorescence, spalling, steel loss and structural degradation.   The facility, located near Lake Huron, is susceptible to severe lake storms creating excessive moisture and extreme cold. The salt production…

Our Infrastructure: Aging Bridges, Antiquated Rail and Rough Roads

Memorial Day weekend starts one of the busiest travel seasons where nearly 40 million people will use our crumbling infrastructure during the holiday break. CNN examines one bridge in Washington, D.C. in this report on the state of our infrastructure: Watch the video from Read the full report on cnn…

Infrastructure…what is it? John Oliver explains it all…

America’s crumbling infrastructure: It’s not a sexy problem. Watch Ed Norton and Steve Buscemi Help John Oliver explain it all.

Giving Back

Giving back is an integral part of HJ3’s corporate culture. At HJ3 we pledge 1,000 hours of community service each year. Each year as part of our commitment to give back to our community, we work with the Salvation Army to select families for our annual holiday Adopt a Family event. In years past, we…

The State of Dams in the US

Written by: Elizabeth Rosenberg There are 87,359 Dams in the US. Their average age is over 53. Many are in need of repair and are considered to pose a high or significant hazard potential. Many communities are located downstream of dams.

1 in 10 Bridges

Artwork by: Marcia Broderick – Written by: Elizabeth Rosenberg   © Copyright HJ3 Composite Technologies

Oil & Gas Pipelines

The U.S. Oil and Natural Gas Pipeline Network Spans Over 2.6 Million Miles – The Network’s Pipelines Include:
Over 1,500,000 miles of natural gas transmission and distribution 151,423 miles of crude oil and product

Double Check Ranch Testimonial

Cattle rancher Paul Schwennesen from the Double Check Ranch in Arizona, talks about his use of QuickSeal to repair irrigation pipe in-place. [jwplayer mediaid=”6599″]

HJ3 Featured on Today in America

HJ3 Composite Technologies is featured on Fox Business’ Today in America hosted by Terry Bradshaw. Terry discusses HJ3’s carbon fiber applications and how they are playing an important part in repairing America’s failing infrastructure. The benefits and uses of HJ3’s carbon fiber are discussed. [jwplayer mediaid=”6572″] View video on YouTube  

U.S. Department of Defense HJ3 Blast Test

The United States Department of Defense tested HJ3-backed technology to wrap a structure in carbon fiber and test it’s strength against a violent explosion. HJ3 conducted testing to demonstrate the performance of the BlastSeal™ System. Two un-reinforced concrete masonry walls were constructed within a larger containment structure. BlastSeal™ was applied to the interior and exterior of the…

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