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Bridge Your Spending Gap

According to the Urban Land Institute, owners lack sufficient funding to replace the world’s corroding infrastructure.
HJ3 Bridges the Spending Gap with innovative composite technologies, structural engineering, and world class training. 
Systems are stronger per ply than competitors, decreasing material and labor costs. This translates to an
80% cost savings over replacement allowing owners to extend the life of their structures up to 30 years.

HJ3 CIVIL™ provides structural strengthening systems for civil, commercial and transportation applications including
corrosion repairs, change of use applications, historical retrofits, seismic retrofits, and issues of construction defects.

large scale test

Civil & Commercial Structural Strengthening Features and Benefit

  • Stronger Than Steel
  • Lightweight and Flexible
  • No Downtime, No Heavy Equipment
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • 20+ Years of Large-Scale Testing  
  • 20,000 Hours of Product Durability Tests
  • 20+ Years of Successful Applications

See how HJ3 CIVIL™ has helped organizations just like yours.

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