Concrete Repair

“We’ve used hundreds of thousands of square feet of HJ3’s CarbonSeal Systems
to evitialize our 100 year old facility over the past 10-years with great success.”

S. Lloyd, Mining Engineer

CARBONSEAL™: The Highest Strength and Resistance
to Harsh Environments


concrete repair

The CarbonSeal Concrete Repair System meets the tough demands of your concrete applications. Whether it’s protecting structures exposed to aggressive environments or strengthening your damaged concrete, our systems save you significant money over traditional repairs or replacement.

The CarbonSeal Concrete Repair Systems are designed for multiple applications, including beams, columns, walls, slabs, pedestals, silos, and secondary containment.

concrete repair

concrete repair

concrete repair

The CarbonSeal carbon fiber is lightweight, flexible and conforms to any substrate for easy installation. CarbonSeal Systems provide many types of strengthening, including crack confinement, flexural strengtheing, shear strengthening, seismic strengthening and protection against harsh chemicals, abrasion, heat, and fire.



100 Year-Old Copper Plant Reinforcement

The constant exposure to vibrations, moisture and chemicals in this copper facility caused significant degradation over a century of operation. The client was faced with a $26 Million price tag to tear down and replace the structure, not to mention millions in lost production. For roughly $10 Million, HJ3 and its installation partners, leveraged the benefits of CarbonSeal to revitalize the entire facility over a 5-year period, with little to no interuptions to plant operations.

severe corrosion severe corrosion

 Severe Corrosion and Degradation to concrete structures
throughout the concentrator building causing safety concerns

copper plant installationconcrete repair conclusion
HJ3 CarbonSeal Systems were installed after removing damaged
concrete and cleaning the surface and the steel.

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Getting Started

The CarbonSeal products are designed with you in mind. To help you determine which CarbonSeal Concrete Repair System is the best solution for your application, HJ3 provides the following tools:

  • Electronic Worksheets
  • Engineering Drawings
  • On-site Assessment
  • Testing Support
  • Case Histories
  • References

If you have a specific concrete application you would like reviewed, please contact an HJ3 Project Manager to schedule an on-site survey. Or request and complete the General Concrete Repair Worksheet, and HJ3’s engineering team will diagnose the problem and send you engineered systems in a matter of days. Contact HJ3 at
877-303-0453 or fill out the form.

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