CarbonSeal™- Engineered Composite Repair Systems

HJ3 is a leading manufacture of engineered composite repair systems designed to extend the life of critical assets in process facilities. By working closely with owner/operators and certified applicators, HJ3 provides engineered repair solutions to restore strength to damaged or corroded piping systems. By extending the service life of the piping system to the next scheduled outage, owner/operators stay online and avoid the cost associated with an unexpected outage. All HJ3 engineered repair systems conform to ASME PCC-2, ASME B31, ISO 24817, DOT, API.


Same Day Engineering

Whether its preventive repairs associated with a CUI program or emergency repairs on your flare line, HJ3 offers same day design calculations and support to keep you online!

Common Repairs

Flare Lines Acid Lines
Cooling Water Piping Sour Water
Fire Suppression Piping Blow Down Lines
Chemical Attack of Process Lines MIC Corrosion
Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Hydrocarbons



carbonseal pipe

CarbonSeal™ Products Include 

CarbonSeal HT™ – High Temperature CarbonSeal AR™ – Abrasion Resistant
CarbonSeal CHEM™ – High Chemical  CarbonSeal SUBSEA™ – Underwater 
CarbonSeal NSF61™ – Potable Drinking Water CarbonSeal FLARE ™ – Flare Line Repairs
riser pipe repair

CarbonSeal™ used to wrap and seal leaking corroded steel riser pipe after a “stop gap” was installed.

riser pipe carbonseal

This repair completed in 2003, was the first installation of the CarbonSeal™ System. In total 13 risers were repaired in one week. Today, over 10,000,000 Square feet of CarbonSeal™ has been installed. 

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