Use  CarbonSeal™ to increase efficiency

silo repair


CarbonSeal offers tensile strengthening, abrasion resistance, and electro-static dissipation to extend the life of your concrete silos.
The system installs faster, easier than shot-crete systems, and eliminates the mass associated with shot-crete repairs.


concrete silo carbonseal

CarbonSeal installed on the internal surface
of the concrete silo (side view)

carbon fiber wrap concrete repair

CarbonSeal installed on the internal surface
of the concrete silo (bottom up view)

Concrete Grain Hopper Repair

Vibration and moisture combined to cause the concrete exterior of several concrete grain hoppers to crack and delaminate. HJ3 injected the cracks
with a high tensile strength polymer, CarbonSeal CI-100, and then wrapped the bottom cone of the hopper with CarbonSeal, to seal and strengthen
the surface. Once cured, CarbonSeal eliminated future cracking of the concrete.

concrete hopper repair

Damaged Grain Hopper with Cracked
and De-Laminated Concrete

silos frp solution

Grain Hopper strengthened and sealed
with CarbonSeal

Concrete Silo Cornice Repair

Thermal movement and moisture from exposure to sun and rain, caused the cornice of this Silo to deteriorate. Significant concrete spalling occurred creating a safety hazard from falling concrete debris. The client required HJ3 to design a CarbonSeal system that would re-surface and externally strengthen the structure to tie the concrete patch into the concrete surface and provide sufficient tensile strength to overcome the steel loss in the corroded re-bar. HJ3 repaired the silos in 1 week.

concrete silo cornice repair

repair silo cornice

concrete silo cornice carbonseal

CarbonSeal used to strengthen and seal deteriorated concrete on Coal Silo. 

For help with your concrete silo repair, contact HJ3 at 877-303-0453 or fill out the form.

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