Steel Pipes

"We were able to use less material and less labor to install a system that would give us the equivalent
of 3/8-inch steel on the outside of this pipe. We were thrilled when using HJ3’s materials."

Pete K, Industrial Contractor, Northeast USA

CARBONSEAL™: The Highest Strength and Resistance to Harsh Environments



Steel Pipe Repair

The CarbonSeal Steel Pipe Repair System meets the tough demands of your pipe applications.
Whether it’s protecting structures exposed to aggressive environments or strengthening your corroded
and damaged pipe, our systems save you significant money over traditional repairs or replacement.

The CarbonSeal carbon fiber is lightweight, flexible and conforms to the pipe for easy installation.

steel pipe carbon fiber application


CarbonSeal Systems are designed for multiple repair issues including:

carbonseal system multiple pipe repair

CarbonSeal conforms to all pipe shapes and sizes

carbonseal pipe
carbonseal pipe repair

CarbonSeal can wrap pipe configuration including tees,
elbows, straight runs, 90’s, and blind flanges.

Seal and Strengthen your Steel Pipe with CarbonSeal

Oil Refinery Cooling Repair Tower

“We fixed these 12 riser pipes 15 years ago with HJ3’s material, and the pipes have not leaked or caused us any problems ever since” – J. Kirby, Plant Engineer

Twelve of the steel riser pipes in the refineries cooling tower showed severe corrosion and leaks.  Once excavated, the leaks were exposed
and created massive flooding and dangerous terrain for plan operations.

riser pipe repair

Typical Leaking Riser Pipe

riser pipe carbonseal

Riser Pipe Sealed and Strenghtened with CarbonSeal

The steel riser pipes were excavated to a depth of 10 feet and the steel was abrasive blasted and cleaned to white metal.
Leaks were patched with HJ3’s epoxy putty. Two Layers of CarbonSeal were wrapped around the circumference
of the steel pipe spanning 8 feet below grade and 5 feet above grade. Twelve Riser pipes were completed in 10 days,
saving the client considerable down time costs. Total projects savings were 92% of replacement.


Additional Concrete Repair Applications

Additional concrete repair application images here See more steel and concrete pipe repair case studies here

Getting Started

The CarbonSeal products are designed with you in mind. To help you determine which CarbonSeal Steel Pipe Repair System
is the best solution for your application, HJ3 provides the following tools:

  • Electronic Worksheets
  • Engineering Drawings
  • On-site Assessment
  • Testing Support
  • Case Histories
  • References

If you have a specific pipe application you would like reviewed, please contact an HJ3 Project Manager to schedule an on-site survey.
Or request and complete the Steel Pipe Repair Worksheet, and HJ3's engineering team will diagnose the problem and send you engineered systems
in a matter of days. Contact HJ3 at 877-303-0453 or fill out the form.

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