Steel Tanks

""We installed HJ3’s CarbonSeal Tank Repair System as a 3 year repair.
That was 12 years ago and it is still doing great."

Jim M, Project Manager, Pulp & Paper Plant

CARBONSEAL™: The Highest Strength and Chemical Resistance to Harsh Environments


The CarbonSeal™ Steel Tank Repair System meets the tough demands of your tank applications.
Whether it’s protecting structures exposed to aggressive environments or sealing hundreds
of through-holes our systems save you significant money over traditional repairs or replacement.

steel tank surface repair

Even with 900 holes in the side of your tank, CarbonSeal seals and strengthens your tank back to its original design values.

Apply CarbonSeal to the inside of your tank during a planned shut-down,
or eliminate downtime costs by wrapping the outside surface of your tank.

CarbonSeal Steel Tank Repair


CarbonSeal Steel Tank Repair System


The CarbonSeal Steel Tank Repair System resists harsh chemicals
and solvents, maximizing long-term durability of the system.

Typical Chemical Resistance of CarbonSeal by Industry Type: 

geothermal power plant corrosion

Saving Clients 90% of the Cost of Replacement

Geo Thermal Power Plant

A geothermal power plant had severe corrosion on its primary clarifier and demister tanks. The clarifier, 43′ tall with a 125’ diameter,
had significant steel loss caused by the exposure of brine water operating at 206 degrees F.  

geo thermal power plant

Example of brine solution deteriorating steel tank wall



CarbonSeal Structrual Strengthening

The surface of the steel was abrasive blasted to remove rust and contaminates. The surface was then cleaned to remove chlorides and neutralize the chemistry of the steel. CarbonSeal Carbon Fiber systems were then wrapped over four main areas of the of the tanks: the tank sidewalls, the dome roof connection, the dome roof, and a 36″ diameter overflow pipe. The tanks were all structurally strenghened and sealed within 12 weeks, saving the client over $3 Million.

CarbonSeal Structrual Strengthening
power plant carbon repair
CarbonSeal Structrual Steel Tank Strengthening

Coal Fire Power Plant

A 2 million gallon process water tank was suffering extensive corrosion, pitting, and buckling of the steel tank walls, floors, and roof.
The client could not wait the required 6 month time frame to tear down and replace the tank at a massive cost of $4.5 Million.
HJ3’s CarbonSeal™ system was installed in 6 weeks, saving the client over 80% of their replacement budget. 

wastewater tank carbon fiber repair



wastewater tank repair

coal powerplant floor repair



coal powerplant repair


After surface preparation was performed to profile and clean the steel tank walls, HJ3’s CarbonSeal™ system was wrapped on the inside surface of the tank to seal the tank and strengthen the steel beyond initial design values. The sytem was then coated with a chemical resistant polymer creating a structural liner to extend the service life of the tank for 20 years.

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Getting Started

The CarbonSeal products are designed with you in mind. To help you determine which CarbonSeal Steel Tank Repair System is the best solution for your application, HJ3 provides the following tools:

  • Electronic Worksheets
  • Engineering Drawings
  • On-site Assessment
  • Testing Support
  • Case Histories
  • References

If you have a specific steel tank application you would like reviewed, please contact an HJ3 Project Manager to schedule an on-site survey. Or request and complete the Steel Tank Repair Worksheet, and HJ3’s engineering team will diagnose the problem and send you engineered systems in a matter of days. Contact HJ3 at 877-303-0453 or fill out the form.

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