CarbonSeal carbon fiber strengthens against: Chemicals – Abrasion – Heat – Severe Corrosion

HJ3 Composite Technologies provides the most comprehensive line of strengthening products in the world for fortifying and protecting structures against earthquakes, blasts, and environmental damage, at a fraction of the cost of replacement. 

Over the last 10 years, we have become the leading provider of carbon fiber repair systems to heavy industry, supporting Fortune 500 companies operating in pulp and paper, oil, gas, water and wastewater, mining, and power generation. 

Our products 40%-50% stronger than competitors per ply, are designed to withstand high temperatures, abrasion, and aggressive chemical environments. 

HJ3 has completed over 20 years of largescale testing to support the use of our products for concrete, steel, wood and masonry applications. 

Learn more about Carbonseal’s Industrial Strengthening and Repair Solutions.


HJ3 CIVIL™: Advanced Composites for Infrastructure Repair 

Strength: Higher strength means less material and less labor. 

Civil Infrastructure: Long Term Durability 

HJ3 carbon fiber strengthening systems are supported by more than 20,000 hours of durability testing in accelerated, harsh environments.  

The normalized tensile strength of HJ3’s carbon fabric did not significantly change over 20,000 hours of exposure to aggressive conditions. 

Learn more about the Civil & Commercial Strengthening Features and Benefits of HJ3 CIVIL™.

HJ3 Civil Infrastructure repair
HJ3 Civil secures infrastructure: Crack Repairs – Corrosion Repairs – Seismic Strengthening – Increased Load Capacity


HJ3 StrongHold
StrongHold: Creating Home Owner Value. Stops Cracks – Restricts Bowing Walls – Protects Floors

StrongHold Meets Industry Design Codes ACI 440.2R (concrete) and ACI 440.7R (masonry) 

Stronghold Systems are designed to the specific codes that govern the use of Carbon Fiber Composites to strengthen concrete and masonry walls.  

Competitors state that their systems are designed to code, yet the codes they reference are specific to steel materials.  

This means that competitors systems are not only weaker, but under designed to current codes used by building officials and permitting officers. 

Don’t take the risk! 

See how Stronghold can protect your home.


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