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“I would definitely recommend HJ3’s StrongHold system. It was a
simple solution to kind of a tough problem.”
Jim G. Home Owner, Cracked Wall Repair Kit

Residential Stronghold

StrongHold™ Residential Systems

In 1997, StrongHold™ patented the first carbon fiber system to strengthen basement walls. Since then, over 100 StrongHold Installers have used
StrongHold to strengthen 25,000 homes, saving homeowners over $100 million.

Developed by HJ3 Composite Technologies, StrongHold™ Residential Systems provide the strongest composite products in the market.
StrongHold products are lightweight, durable, and the only Residential Systems designed to meet ICC and ACI engineering design codes.

StrongHold Is Here to Serve You and Your Clients

Stronghold residentialOur mission is to support our clients with unwavering customer service, product innovation, and technical expertise. HJ3 trains and certifies its contractors to perform quality installations for our homeowners. To date, no callbacks! And, our Engineers are ready to support any custom engineering issue that may arise. Their experience spans a combined 100 years of experience supporting FRP strengthening projects for commercial, civil, industrial, seismic, and explosion resistant applications.

Join us in our commitment to bring integrity to our clients’ homes and to help homeowners save over $1 billion.

StrongHold Offers You the Highest Strength Material in the Industry

Independent Testing confirms that StrongHold offers greater tensile strength when compared to leading competitors. StrongHold is 200% – 300%stronger.

Since 1997, StrongHold™ engineers and certified installers have served 100 installers to repair over 25,000 homes – saving their clients over $100 Million. We would greatly appreciate an opportunity to create that same value for you and your clients.

Contact HJ3 at 877-303-0453 for more information to learn more about StrongHold™ Carbon Fiber Products.

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