Bowing Wall Repair

bowing wall repair

StrongHold™ Bowing Wall Repair Systems offer considerable tensile strength to resist external soil pressures that our causing basement walls to bow. Typical applications include strengthening of brickmasonry, CMU, and poured concrete basement walls. The bowing wall repair kits include rolls of 12-inch carbon fabric, pre-batched polymer resins, application tools and safety equipment.

repair bowing wall

Prepare and prime surface for carbon fiber system (grind down edges on wall)

carbon fiber repair for bowing wall

Mix and apply saturant to both sides of the carbon fiber and wall for a wet-on-wet installation

bowing wall carbon fiber repair

Place carbon fiber strips on wall, spacing them based on code requirements

carbon fiber wall repair kit

Smooth the fabric to assure no creases or bubbles for the best bond adhesion

See Bowing Wall case study.

When you need to repair a bowing wall, you want the strongest name in home repair, use StrongHold™ Bowing Wall Repair Systems. Call us today at 877-303-0453.

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