Building envelope on high-rise saves owner $3 million.

interior of the high-rise showing cracks, holes and mold
The exterior and interior of this high-rise had HJ3's CFRP system installed while the building was occupied.
Exterior of the high-rise after the system was installed and painted over to suit the building aesthetics.

Problem vs solution:

  • The glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) façade cracked from wind loads.
  • GFRC panels were rigid, allowing for continued cracking.
  • Moisture had seeped into the cracks, spreading mold throughout.
  • A waterproof system prevented future cracking and water penetration.
  • The repair was finished in 3 weeks with no tenant evacuations.
"HJ3’s carbon fiber allowed us to strengthen the building façade and make it waterproof."
"The building was fully occupied and we didn't have to move anyone out of the building."
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