The Leader in Composite Systems to Repair Tanks, Pipe, Silos and Concrete Structures

HJ3 Composite Technologies is the worldwide manufacturing leader of engineered composite repair systems to strengthen critical infrastructure. Our patented carbon fiber systems are stronger per ply, code compliant and supported by same day engineering and shipments.

Extend the life of your critical assets by up to 30 years
Save 80% of the cost associated with asset replacement
95% Less
Reduce 95% of the environmental impact associated with replacing critical assets
HJ3’s products are designed to be stronger and more durable than competitors

Speed to Solution™

In addition to manufacturing the strongest and most durable carbon fiber repair systems, HJ3 provides our customers unmatched customer service and response time.
HJ3 will design repair solutions for your tank, concrete, silo, and pipe repairs the same day we receive a completed Engineering Assessment Form (EAF).
Our code-compliant Engineered Composite Repair kits will ship the same day we receive your order.

Pipe & Pipeline Repair

HJ3’s line of pipe and pipeline repair systems are designed to address corrosion, erosion, dents, weld defects and metal loss common with pipeline operation with code-compliant solutions requiring little to no downtime.

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Factory with exposed pipes, one pipe repaired with Carbon material


HJ3's tank repair systems are customized for external and internal strengthening of steel and concrete tanks, serving as a structural liner restoring steel loss while protecting against harmful chemicals in immersion.

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HJ3's line of silo repair systems are designed to repair concrete silo degradation due to abrasion and old age using high-strength uni-axial carbon fiber reinforcement that is corrosion resistant and FDA Compliant

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Concrete Repair

HJ3's line of concrete repair and strengthening systems include injection, patching, and glass & carbon fiber composite reinforcing wraps designed for concrete patching & repair, structural strengthening and seismic retrofits of concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures.

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Patented products and systems, purpose-built to repair and protect


What our clients say

"Carbon fiber is becoming the material of choice for retrofit and repair in our process facility because it's lightweight, there is no downtime in the installation, and it can be installed very easily around the existing infrastructure. Some of the applications we've used carbon fiber for are corroded piping systems, columns and beams within process facilities, underground tanks and internal linings of major pipe systems."

Kevin S.
Processing Plant CEO

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