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Longer life extension.
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Substantial savings over replacement.
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Reduced environmental impact.

HJ3 is a leading manufacturer and designer of composite FRP systems used for strengthening infrastructure worldwide. Our field service teams train and certify installation partners, as well as perform installations for larger more difficult applications.

HJ3 leverages its patented carbon fiber technology to bridge the Spending Gap between the costs required to replace the world’s infrastructure and the money actually being allocated. In fact, HJ3 can extend the life of your structures by 30 years and reduce 80% of the cost and 95% of the environmental impact associated with replacing your structures.

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Reusing and repairing your existing structures instead of replacing them, significantly reduces your environmental impact by 95% including water consumption, landfill waste, CO2 emissions, and energy consumption.

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From engineering to installation, HJ3 can complete large-scale capital repairs in weeks versus months. Composite strengthening systems can be designed as permanent repairs requiring minimal ongoing maintenance. And most importantly, our systems install with minimal to no downtime.

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In the majority of cases, HJ3 saves clients like you 60% to 80% of the cost of replacement with minimal disruption to your operations. Avoiding the cost of down time and ongoing cost of maintenance often push savings beyond 80%.

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Risk Mitigation

For over 16 years and through 20,000 successful applications, HJ3 has supported its clients with the most qualified and experienced team in the industry. HJ3 contracts as a single-source provider, offering forensic engineering, field surveys, structural engineering, composite FRP manufacturing, installation services, and site-specific quality control. Our personnel have achieved the highest safety certifications including MSHA, OSHA 10, OSHA 20, and OSHA 30.

Repair with virtually NO DOWN TIME.
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