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HJ3 Concrete Repair Applications

HJ3's StrongHold™ concrete repair system is a versatile and comprehensive solution that excels in addressing an array of common applications, including columns, beams, floors, pedestals, slabs, walls, girders, loading docks, delaminated concrete, cracking concrete, pipe supports, and secondary containment, delivering exceptional structural restoration and durability across a wide range of infrastructure needs.

Civil Infrastructure

Seismic Strengthening & Retrofit
Waterfront Pilings & Decks
Bridges & Overpasses
Parking Garages
Historical Restorations & Change of Use
Delaminated Concrete
Concrete Cracking
Structural Repair/Restoration
Underground Vaults

Power Generation

Cooling Tower
Chiller Condenser
Head House Repairs
Bag House Repairs
Column Pedestals
Underground Vaults
Ring Walls
Cooling Tower Basins
Machine Bases

Petroleum & Chemical Refining

Sphere Lag Repairs
Trench Repairs
ClariAcid Pitfiers
Cold Tar Pit

Food & Agriculture

Drainage Trenches
Digester Units
Underground Storage
Opentop Storage


Column Rack Repairs
Concentrator Repairs
Milling Facility Repairs
SX/EW Repairs
Ball Mill Pedastil Repairs

Oil & Gas Distribution

Pipe Saddles
Pipeline Substation

Pulp & Paper

Bleach House Repairs
Paper Storage Buildings

HJ3 Products That Work Best for Concrete Applications

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