Repair Concrete Silo Degradation Due to Abrasion and Old Age

HJ3 Composite Technologies' SiloWrap™ offers tensile strengthening, crack mitigation, patch confinement, abrasion resistance and electrostatic dissipation to extend the life of your concrete silos. The system installs faster, easier than shot-crete systems and slip form technology and eliminates the added mass, difficult construction and heavy machinery associated with concrete repairs.

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Leading the Way in Composite Silo Repairs.

Degradation of concrete silos due to abrasion and old age is an ongoing problem (as many old silos are reaching the end of their useful life). Managing the structural integrity of silos between the next rail car or fill of product can be challenging. For the last 20 years, HJ3 has been on the frontlines of these issues and has worked directly with operators, designing in-place, in-service composite repairs to extend the life of their critical assets. Through years of testing, development and successful installations, HJ3 has maintained its position as the leader in composite silo repair, offering reliable, safe and compliant repair solutions for clients around the globe.


SiloWrap™: Non-Disruptive, Long-Lasting Silo Repairs for Maximum Efficiency and Savings

No Downtime

SiloWrap Repair systems can be utilized to perform repairs on silos while in operation so production is not distrupted.


HJ3 SiloWrap™ provides structural repairs at a fraction of the weight of traditional concrete repairs.

Moisture Migration

SiloWrap repairs systems eliminate moisture migration into or out of your silo, keeping your products in optimal condition which saves millions of dollars in thrown away product and cleaning costs.

Abrasion Resistant

SiloWrap Repair Systems are abrasion resistant and can handle a variety of harsh environments, so no future maintenance is needed on the repair.

FDA Compliant

SiloWrap™ repair systems have been tested to confirm compliance with FDA standards for a variety of food products.

ACI 440.2R Compliant Silo Strengthening with FDA-Approved Carbon Reinforcements

ACI 440.2R compliant for strengthening silos designed in accordance with ACI 313 Silo Design Specifications. SiloWrap™ is corrosion resistant, abrasion resistant, and FDA Compliant per 21 CFR Chapter 175 Part 300.


Engineered to Build Stronger Bonds

Systems are FDA Compliant for Food Types I & VIII and Condition of Use “E” under FDA Coatings: Resinous & Polymeric Coatings
Adds only a 1/16th of an inch to the repaired surface
Lightweight and flexible, at only 4 ounces per square foot
Low thermal expansion

Problems We Solve


Concrete naturally has the tendency to crack over time causing delamination leading to structural and life-safety risks. Traditional repair methods, utilizing concrete patches, typically only last 3-5 years before delamination reoccurs. HJ3 SiloWrap™ reinforced carbon fiber systems, utilized in conjunction with traditional patching techniques, provides a safe and long-term repair, extending the life of the structure for 20-30 years.

Structural Strengthening & Repairs

HJ3's SiloWrap™ composite repair system replaces tensile strength lost due to corrosion within reinforced concrete structures. Whether its complete coverage or a value engineered repair, HJ3's engineering team can design a repair to meet the specific demands required with same day calculations.

Silo Surface Sealing and Protection

Imbalanced moisture inside of a silo can lead to flow issues and in some cases can damage the product. Other silo repair methods such as shotcrete or tension cables either don't resolve the structural issues adequately or don't protect the surface to prevent moisture penetration. HJ3 SiloWrap coupled with HJ3 Crack Injection products, can strengthen and protect a structure to remove structural risks and prevent moisture migration. This results in significant cost savings from no downtime and no product loss.

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Falling Concrete Confinement
Structural Repairs
Internal/External Corrosion
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Voices of Satisfaction: SiloWrap Customer Testimonials Highlight Concrete Restoration Success

"Our aging silos were a real concern, but HJ3's SiloWrap came to the rescue. It helped us strengthen our silos and prevented any potential safety hazards. The product was easy to install and has transformed our operations. Highly recommended!"

Amanda P.
Agricultural Facility Owner
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