Carbon Fiber Composite for Repairing Piping and Vessels

HJ3 Composite Technologies' line of CarbonSeal Repair Systems for process piping and vessels are designed to address and repair through-wall defects, corrosion, erosion, weld defects and cracking common with plant operations.


Extend the Service Life of Piping Systems with HJ3's Carbon Fiber Repairs

HJ3’s line of CarbonSeal™ Repair Systems are designed to address a wide range of temperatures, pressures, geometries and chemicals, offering a safe and cost-effective solutions to common integrity problems with process piping and pressure vessels.

Maintaining piping integrity is critical to operations. Whether it’s preventive repairs associated with a CUI program or emergency repairs on your flare line, HJ3 has the solution you need to extend the life of corroded or damaged piping in your facility.


Code Compliant Pipe Repair
With CarbonSeal™️

Speed to Solution™️

Same-day engineering calculations and same-day shipments expedite your repair.

No Downtime

Pipe repair can often be completed while the line is fully operational, with no downtime or hot work

Replace Strength Lost to Corrosion

CarbonSeal™️ can be applied to process piping systems and vessels to restore integrity lost due to corrosion.

Code Compliant Designs

CarbonSeal™️ repairs are fully supported with structural calculations performed by licensed professional engineers who specialize in composite design. Stamped designs available in 50 states and internationally available upon request.

Durable Repairs

More than 20 year in-service history, over 300 chemicals tested at ambient and elevated temperatures, 20,000 hours accelerated durability testing in acids, caustics, seawater, ultraviolet (UV) radiation and biologically active environments.

Safe Materials

Reduces 95% of the environmental impact of replacement. Polymer formulations utilizes 100% solids with no VOCs.

HJ3's Repair Systems Ensure
Code Compliant Repairs

All HJ3 engineered repair systems can conform to ASME PCC-2 Article 401, ISO 24817 or ABSA AB-539 for repairs required under API 579/ASME FFS-1 and ASME B31 and ASME BPVC Section VIII Div 1 Boiler & Pressure Vessels. Compliant to NSF-61 for safe drinking water if required.


Engineered to Build Stronger Bonds

Value engineered solutions minimize cost and maximize strength only where it’s needed
Repair alternative for logistically challenging process piping and pressure vessel replacement
Available in wide range of resin kit sizes and fabric widths from 2”-24” wide
HJ3's proprietary fabric architecture easily conforms over complex geometries including tees, elbows, flanges, straights and other odd or custom shapes
Strongest per ply material = reduced cost and installation time
No post-curing time is required, expediting the repair and reducing costs

Problems We Solve

Scheduled Repairs

For non-urgent repairs, HJ3 will collaborate with plant engineering, inspection, and planning departments to draft a cost-effective repair scope that compliments the budget and maintenance schedule of the facility.

Emergency Repairs

For emergency repairs, where a solution is needed within hours, HJ3 offers expedited engineering, manufacturing, and shipments to accomidate same-day repairs of critical assets. This is part of HJ3's committment of "Speed to Solution™" for our customers.


HJ3 works with plant owner/operators to develop long-term preventative maintenance plans to prevent costly repairs associated with unexpected outages

Pipeline Manufacturing Defects
Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI)
Stress Crack Corrosion
Internal and External Corrosion
Microbial Influenced Corrosion (MIC)
Soil to Air Interface Corrosion
Galvanic Corrosion
Metal Loss
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What Our Customers Say About CarbonSeal™️ Pipe & Vessel Repair Systems

"We’ve been using CarbonSeal™ for several years now.  Bottom line, HJ3 is the fastest and most experienced company in the business.  We switched to them after having issues with response time and shipments. HJ3 is always available to help when we need to get a job done and sometimes that means after hours calls or expedited shipments. Their team all come from the industry which is nice because we don’t have to explain what we’re dealing with because they already understand it."

Emily S.
Utility Company Executive
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