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Case Study: HJ3's Successful Repair of a Heat Exchanger in a Food Processing and Production Facility

A Food Processing and Production Facility faced a critical issue with their heat exchanger, as chloride stress cracking in the shell had significantly impacted its structural integrity. The initial assessment indicated the presence of two cracks, prompting concerns about the overall efficiency of the heat exchanger.

Upon closer inspection and during the surface preparation phase, HJ3's expert team identified a third crack, compounding the severity of the situation. The cumulative effect of these cracks restricted the customer's ability to run the heat exchanger at optimal levels, limiting production efficiency to 85-90%. This inefficiency, in turn, hindered the facility's capacity to meet its production needs, posing a significant operational challenge.

HJ3 implemented an innovative approach using ShapeShift™ technology to build up over a reinforcing brace band. This technique facilitated a seamless transition in the repair area, ensuring structural integrity while preparing the surface for the subsequent repair process. The application of six layers of CarbonSeal HT1™, a high-performance carbon fiber composite, was installed in the repair area.

The comprehensive repair solution not only met but exceeded the tensile strength requirements for the heat exchanger repair. By employing ShapeShift™ and CarbonSeal HT1™, HJ3 successfully restored the vessel to its original design specifications and ensured compliance with industry codes. This repair process resulted in a fully rehabilitated heat exchanger, enabling the facility to operate at its full production capacity once again.


1. Operational Efficiency: The repaired heat exchanger now operates at 100% production efficiency, allowing the facility to meet its production demands without compromise.

2. Structural Integrity: The use of ShapeShift™ and CarbonSeal HT1™ ensured a robust and durable repair, enhancing the overall structural integrity of the heat exchanger.

3. Code Compliance: HJ3's solution not only met but exceeded industry standards, ensuring that the repaired heat exchanger complied with all relevant codes and regulations.In conclusion, HJ3's expertise in composite repair technologies played a pivotal role in resolving the challenges faced by the Food Processing and Production Facility. The successful restoration of the heat exchanger underscores the effectiveness of advanced repair solutions in maintaining and enhancing critical industrial infrastructure.

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