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HJ3 Tank Repair Applications

HJ3's TankWrap™ tank repair system is a proven and reliable solution designed to excel in common applications such as storage tanks, tank farms, tank piping, tank nozzle repairs, water tanks, and wastewater tanks, providing a steadfast means to restore and reinforce critical tank infrastructure.

Petroleum & Chemical Refining

Hydrocarbon Storage Tanks
Crude Storage Tanks
Floating Roof Oil Tanks
Fixed Roof Oil Tanks
Bunded Oil Tanks
Single Skin Oil Tanks
Double Skin Oil Tanks
Open Top Oil Tanks
Naphtha Storage Tank
Polypropylene Storage Tank

Food & Agriculture

Product Storage Tanks
Fat Rendering Tanks
Wastewater Storage Tanks
Digester Tanks
Fire Reservoir Tank
Transfer Tanks
EQ Tanks
Mill Water Tanks
Acidification Tanks
Char Tanks
Brine Solution Tanks
Hot Water Tanks
Coconut Oil Tanks
Edible Oil Tanks
Corn Bin Tanks


Caustic Storage Tanks
Chemical Storage Tanks
Slurry Storage Tanks
Carbon Pulp & Slurry Tanks
Carbon In Leach Tanks
Carbon In Pulp Tanks
Dust Collector Tank
Reactivated Slurry Tanks
Loaded Slurry Tanks
Break Tanks
Carbon Holding Tanks
Railcar Wash Tanks
Regeneration Tanks

Pulp & Paper

Product Storage Tank
Caustic Storage Tanks
Batch Digester Tanks
Pulp Digester
Blow Tank
Displacement Digester System
Continuous Tubular Digester
High Density Storage Tanks
High Density Stock Tank
Delignification Tanks
Primary Clarifiers

Power Generation

Fire Suppression Storage Tanks
Water Treatment Tanks
API 620 Low Pressure Tanks
Condensate Tanks
Fire Reservoir Tanks
Pressure Tanks

Oil & Gas Distribution

Storage Tank Farms
Liquid Terminal Tanks
Floating Top Tanks

Civil Infrastucture

Digester Tanks
Primary Sludge Tank
Secondary Clarifier
Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Tanks

HJ3 Products That Work Best for Tank Applications

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