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Rapid Repair of a Hot Water Wash Tank

Case Study: HJ3's Rapid Repair of a Hot Water Wash Tank in a Food Processing and Production Facility

A critical hot water wash tank in a food processing and production facility experienced chloride stress cracks on both ends, a particularly challenging issue given the tank's horizontal orientation. Replacement of the tank was not viable due to the infrastructure built around it.

The defects in the tank necessitated an immediate shutdown for safety reasons, causing the facility to operate at only 50% capacity. Urgent repair was imperative to restore both safety and full operating capacity. Moreover, the repair had to comply with FDA regulations and had to ensure the hot water wash tank could operate at a temperature of 215º F.

HJ3 engineered a comprehensive repair solution, involving both internal and external applications of the TankWrap™ carbon fiber composite repair system, complemented by HJ3's ChemSeal™ top coat. This approach ensured the tank's structural integrity while meeting the strict FDA compliance requirements for operation.

HJ3's selection was driven by the customer's urgent need to restore safety and operational capacity swiftly. The company's commitment to providing same-day engineering, design, shipping, and rapid installation made HJ3 the ideal partner for this time-sensitive project.

HJ3's Speed to Solution exceeded the customer's expectations. The hot water wash tank was fully functional and operational in less time than initially planned for the asset to be out of service. The swift and effective repair not only restored the tank to its full operating capacity but also ensured compliance with FDA regulations, demonstrating HJ3's commitment to quality and safety.


  • Rapid Restoration: HJ3's efficient repair process minimized downtime, swiftly restoring the hot water wash tank to full functionality.
  • FDA Compliance: The repair solution met FDA regulations, allowing the facility to maintain its commitment to producing food in a safe and compliant environment.
  • Same-Day Service: HJ3's ability to provide same-day engineering, design, and shipping, coupled with rapid installation, demonstrated a commitment to meeting the urgent needs of the customer.

In summary, HJ3's prompt and effective repair solution not only addressed the immediate safety concerns but also expedited the restoration of the Food Processing and Production Facility's operational capacity. The successful project highlights the crucial role played by HJ3 in ensuring the reliability and compliance of critical industrial assets.

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