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HJ3 Composite Technologies' TankWrap™️ is a high strength carbon fiber composite system designed for API 653 compliant repairs of above ground storage tanks.

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TankWrap™: Strength & Protection for Steel Tanks

TankWrap™ is customized for external and internal strengthening of steel tanks. When installed internally, the systems also serve as a structural liner restoring steel loss while protecting against harmful chemicals in immersion. The system can also be used externally for hoop strengthening and protection from external corrosion caused by spillage, environment or other processes in the area.


Why Use TankWrap™️?


Fix small holes with TankPatch™️, a cold-curing localized repair that overcomes the need for hot-work associated with welded repairs that often destroy internal liners.

No Heavy Machinery Needed

TankWrap™ removes the need to move in large amounts of steel with cranes or other machinery.

Value Engineered Repairs

Fix isolated defects, thin-walls, and structural deficiencies using a patch, a full hoop band or wrapping large sections of the tank.

Keep Operations Going

Minimal to zero downtime.

Safer & Easier

Repairs can be completed without hot work.

API 653 Annex J Compliant

API 653 Anex J Compliant for repairing tanks originally constructed to AWWA D100, AWWA D103, API 620, API 650, BS EN 13121-2 and PD 5500. 20-year in-service history, 300 chemicals extensive durability testing, 20,000 hours accelerated testing in acids, caustics, seawater, ultraviolet (UV) radiation and biologically active environments.


Engineered to Build Stronger Bonds

Structural restoration for tensile and hoop forces
Unmatched strength per ply equals less layers, reduced cost and faster installations
Cures in ambient temperatures
Wide range of temperature and chemical resistance
Can be applied as a patch, band or full confinement

Problems We Solve

Isolated TankPatch™

TankPatch™ is a cold-curing localized repair that overcomes the need for hot-work associated with welded repairs. API 653 compliant for shell and roof repairs. TankPatch™ is ideal for smaller scopes of work or widespread isolated defects on tank assets. TankPatch™ is commonly used at the beginning of larger projects as a fast solution to minimize risk on isolated areas of significant wall loss.

Complete Structural Rehabilitation

TankWrap™ is designed to provide hoop strengthening on corroded tanks equivalent to the percentage of steel lost. The system is code-compliant and easy-to-install allowing for repairs to be completed in days or weeks in contrast to traditional repair methods or replacement.

Internal Structural Reinforcement & Chemical Protection

When installed internally, the systems serve as a structural liner to restore steel loss while protecting against harmful chemicals in immersion.

Structural wall loss/Thin wall
Internal/External Corrosion
Internal Erosion
Stress Chloride Corrosion Cracking (SCC)
Thru-wall defects
Tank Nozzle and Connection Reinforcement
Tank Roof Repairs
Corrosion Under Insulation
Isolated Defect Repairs
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What Our Customers Say About TankWrap™️ Tank Repair Systems

"When our storage tanks were facing corrosion issues, HJ3's TankWrap provided an efficient, long-term solution. The ease of installation and the durability it added to our tanks were beyond our expectations. A top-notch product!"

Michael R.
Industrial Plant Manager
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TankWrap™️ Case Studies: Reinventing Tank Repairs for Long-Term Durability

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