StrongHold™️ Concrete Repair, Restoration and Strengthening Systems

HJ3 Composite Technologies' line of StrongHold Repair Systems offer concrete repair and strengthening systems for large-scale industrial projects including processing facilities, refineries, public buildings, bridges and underwater infrastructure.

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Concrete Repair Systems for All Your Demanding Applications

The StrongHold™ System meets the tough demands of your concrete applications. Whether it’s protecting structures exposed to aggressive environments or strengthening your damaged concrete, our systems save you significant money over traditional repairs or replacement.

The StrongHold concrete repair systems are designed for multiple applications, including columns, piles, walls, slabs, beams, pedestals, and secondary containment structures. StrongHold carbon fiber composites are lightweight, flexible and conform to any substrate for easy installation.

StrongHold concrete repair systems provide many types of strengthening including crack and concrete patch confinement, crack mitigation, flexural strengthening, shear strengthening, seismic strengthening, sub-sea piling repair, strengthening for new or changing loads and protection against harsh chemicals, abrasion, heat and fire.


StrongHold™ Concrete Repair Systems: Injection, Patching and Composite Wraps

Speed to Solution™️

Same-day engineering calculations and same-day shipments expedite your repair

Code Compliant Designs

StrongHold™️ repairs are fully supported with structural calculations performed by licensed professional engineers who specialize in composite design.  StrongHold™ designs are performed in accordance with ACI 440.2R, CSA S806 for structures originally designed to ACI 318, or seismically evaluated per ASCE 41.

Durable Repairs

More than 20 year in-service history, over 300 chemicals tested at ambient and elevated temperatures, 20,000 hours accelerated durability testing in acids, caustics, seawater, ultraviolet (UV) radiation and biologically active environments.

Safe Materials

Reduces 95% of the environmental impact of replacement while being 100% solids with no VOCs

Low Profile, Light Weight

HJ3's StrongHold™ provides equivalent strength to other repair methods while being 90% thinner and lighter

Tested and Approved for Excellence

Fully engineered systems tested in compliance with ACI 440.2R Appendix B, and supported by City of Los Angeles LADBS Report. UL Certified for NSF-61 Drinking water. Food Safe under FDA 21 CFR Chapter 175 Part 300 applications.


Engineered to Build Stronger Bonds

Same-day engineering calculations and same-day shipments expedite your repair
Logistically simplier than rebuilding or repouring concrete structures inside of processing facilities
Designed to replace tensile strength lost due to corrosion in aggressive environments with 95% strength retention after 20+ years exposure in aggressive acids, caustics, dry/humid, and in biologically active soil
StrongHold™ Repair Systems include injection, patching, and glass & carbon fiber composite reinforcing wraps
Structural strengthening of concrete, masonry, steel, and wood structures
Code Compliant Designs: StrongHold™️ repairs are fully supported with structural calculations performed by licensed professional engineers who specialize in composite design

Problems We Solve


Concrete naturally has the tendency to crack over time causing delamination leading to structural and life-safety risks. Traditional repair methods, utilizing concrete patches, typically only last 3-5 years before delamination reoccurs. HJ3 StrongHold™ reinforced carbon fiber systems, utilized in conjunction with traditional patching techniques, provides a safe and long-term repair, extending the life of the structure for 20-30 year

Structural Strengthening & Repairs

HJ3's StrongHold™ composite repair system replaces tensile strength lost due to corrosion within reinforced concrete structures. Whether it's replacing shear or flexural deficiencies within a beam or axial deficencies in a column, HJ3's team of Professional Engineers can design a system to meet the specific needs of the repair with same-day engineered calculations.

Design Build

HJ3's commitment is to be there through repair on all projects. We start by supporting all front-end engineering to truly understand the problem and from there collaborate with the installers throughout the project to ensure all repairs are completed per the design specification. Each repair solution from HJ3 is accompanied by calculations, shop drawings and final QC report to ensure all success metrics are met.

Crack Repair and Injection
Spalling Concrete Repair
Shear Reinforcement
Flexural Reinforcement
Axial Reinforcement
Seismic Upgrades
Change of Use Applications
Structural Repairs & Upgrades
Tensile Reinforcement
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What Our Customers Say About StrongHold™️ Concrete Repair Systems

"CarbonSeal from HJ3 Composite Technologies was a game-changer for our structural repair needs. We had been dealing with deteriorating concrete surfaces in our facility. CarbonSeal not only reinforced these structures but also did so without breaking the bank. A fantastic solution!"

Sarah B.
Facility Owner
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